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How to pick a career?

Deciding what to do after University can feel daunting. "What if I get it wrong? How do I decide in the first place? Everybody else already seems to know what they want to do?"

You're not alone! Don't panic.  These pages will give you a starting point, a way to think about it that will stop "thinkers block", help you find inspiration and then move some of those ideas into sharper focus until you do know what your next steps after university will be.

Career planning is a process one that you have already started, even if you didn't know it, and one that you will continue to go through at various points in your life.





Before you start

Three key things to bear in mind when it comes to your career:

  • Nobody, not even a careers adviser, can tell you what you should do. You have to answer the question for yourself. But talk to people who know you and gather their thoughts these are useful, whether you agree with them or not.
  • What you do next isn't what you'll do forever.  Many people career change a few times in their working life.  There is no right or wrong job either.  Most people would find more than one career path satisfying. Take the pressure off yourself: this is simply about deciding what you're going to do next.

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