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Haven't got a clue?


Having reflected, explored, and narrowed down to a decision, all that's left is to act! In the majority of cases, therefore, the action we're talking about will be making an application – whether in response to an advertised position or 'on spec'. The Careers Service can help you whatever sort of application you’re making, but so can your peers and contacts. Make time to seek feedback from multiple sources – the more varied, the better – and ask them to tell you honestly how you come across on paper. You need to know whether you're getting across your key message(s) effectively.

Resources on writing applications

Timing it right

Organisations vary widely in their recruitment processes, so you can't expect to operate entirely according to your own timetable. In some sectors, if you miss a deadline at a certain point in the year, it could mean waiting twelve months for the opportunity to come round again – in which case you'd have to find something different to do in the interim. In other sectors, recruitment happens throughout the year on an ad hoc basis, i.e. when vacancies crop up.