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How to pick a career?


This is about working out who you are and what you want from a job.  What really motivates you, what your skills are, what you're really good at, what values underpin your preferences, what your needs are.  And equally what you really don't want to be doing in a job, what drains your energy.   

Some people find this harder than others but it is worth doing properly. 

To get you started use the questions below and think them through. Try to avoid the trap of superficial answers. For example, if you find yourself saying I want to do something useful/interesting/help people or similarly vague answers really make yourself think what you personally mean by that.  Prompt yourself five times in different ways - help which people, help them in a face to face way or really lobby for change (equally helpful), help them learn, help them get better, help educate them - what do you really mean by what you've said.

Prompt questions for self-reflection

Top tip: write your answers down. Most of us don't have good answers to these questions at our fingertips: capture on paper whatever thoughts you do have and allow yourself to come back to them later. Use the intervening time to think some more and observe yourself in your day-to-day activities.