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How to pick a career?

Prompt questions 1: what kind of person am I?

Career ideas

  • What jobs are you interested in at the moment?
  • When you were younger, what did you want to be?
  • If your career ideas have changed, when did that happen and why?
  • Whose jobs do you admire?
  • What jobs could you never imagine doing?

Your degree

Think about tasks, not just content, e.g. lab work, library research, writing essays, fieldwork, team projects, etc.

  • Why did you pick what you're studying now?
  • Which parts of the course have you found most stimulating?
  • Which parts have you found less stimulating?
  • In which parts of the course have you been most successful?

Work experience

  • What skills have you acquired?
  • What have you been particularly good at?
  • What feedback from colleagues have you had about what you're good at?
  • What have you enjoyed about your previous jobs or work experience?
  • What have you not enjoyed?

Think laterally. For example, working in a bar or café might not be your dream job, but you might have got a real buzz from the fast-paced, customer-facing aspects of the role.

Fun stuff

  • What do you do for fun? (This needn't be formalised as a 'hobby': if, for example, you regularly unwind by taking long walks in the countryside, does it tell you anything about how you'd cope with a city-based office job? It might, or it might not...)
  • Which extracurricular activities have you been doing for a long time?
  • Which have you taken up recently?
  • What led you to choose, say, rugby over football, singing over acting, writing poetry over reviewing plays?
  • If you had to give up some of your extracurricular activities, which would be the last one to go?

Now go to Set 2: What are my strengths?