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Talk to a Careers Adviser

Careers Service Advisers are able and willing to offer careers guidance regarding disability:-

  • Disability disclosure - whether, when and how you might choose to disclose to employers in a way that you feel comfortable with.
  • Working out what career you want to pursue and how this would fit with a disability
  • Thinking through a role with you to work out what reasonable adjustments you may need
  • How you might account for gaps on a CV
  • Anything else disability and careers related that you wish to discuss

Find out more about meeting a Careers Adviser.

Disabled alumni - There are also a number of Cambridge alumni registered on GradLink who have experience of disability in the workplace and who would be happy to discuss this with you. This is not a criterion which you can search on yourselves in the system, but if you would like to take advantage of this opportunity please do ask any careers adviser, who can then make contact on your behalf.