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GradLink - your links in the working world

A database of, mostly Cambridge, graduates who can give you career-related advice, insight and inspiration.

  • See what jobs they're doing now at which organisation and how they got there. Read career profiles to see how they got to where they are now
  • Search for specific experiences - people in the media, with a PhD, who have lived in North America, who have studied Geography
  • Find inspiration - what did people with your degree go on to do next?
  • Ask GradLinks what roles are really like, what made the difference in getting their job - anything careers related that you can't get from the internet.

When I first started job hunting, I was too shy to email people on GradLink - I later discovered this is the best way of finding out what people actually do in their day-to-day working life, which is probably the most important thing you need to know to decide whether you want to do the job or not!

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I am an alum and want to help by providing feedback on my experiences and career but prefer not to be contacted as a GradLink