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Complaints about Employers: application and interview process or whilst working

Occasionally our students and graduates are subjected to unfair, unreasonable or discriminatory treatment by an employer. If you feel you have been poorly or unfairly treated by an employer during the application or interview process, do contact the Careers Service. With your prior permission, or if we have heard from a number of other students making similar complaints about one employer, we are willing to take-up the case on your behalf.

Similarly, if you have undertaken an internship, work placement or started a graduate-level opportunity with an organisation that was advertised by the Careers Service and the role failed to match what was advertised, or you have been unfairly or unreasonably treated, please let us know.

For all other feedback about interviews, vacation work and employers that is seen by current students, to help inform their career choice decisions, please use our feedback pages.

Complaints about the Careers Service: our staff, our events, online information and resources

In addition to our routine feedback mechanisms (following personal career consultations, our major events and requests for feedback on our website) you may wish to contact the Director of the Service on some major failing, short-coming or other serious matter. The Director would welcome your comments and will respond as quickly as possible.

Failing a satisfactory resolution to your complaint, you can then approach the Chair of the Careers Service Syndicate, individual members of the Syndicate and/or the University's Student Complaints team.