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How we use your personal information

Privacy policy for recruiters and those supporting the work of the Careers Service


This policy explains what information we gather when you visit the Careers Service website and use our services. We also explain how that information is used.

The Careers Service takes your privacy seriously, but it is important for you to appreciate that the site provides extensive links to other independent sites, both within the University and elsewhere. This policy applies only to direct accesses to the Careers Service website - URLs starting You will need to consult the appropriate information on other sites for information on their policies.

Any changes to this privacy policy will be posted to this page. It was last updated on 18 July 2018.

Data Collected

This site asks you to provide information about yourself when you submit a vacancy, book places at our events, provide text or  feedback.

A number of fill-in forms are provided on this site. The pages containing these forms include information on how data submitted on them will be processed and used.

Our use of your information

We use information for two general purposes: to fulfil your requests for certain products and services, and to contact you about careers activities specific to your interests. We will hold your contact information whilst your organisation is active with us.

Logged information about page requests is used for system administration, for bug tracking, and for producing usage statistics. The logged information may be kept indefinitely.

Relevant subsets of this data may be passed to computer security teams as part of investigations of computer misuse involving this site or other computing equipment in the University.

Data may incidentally be included in information passed to contractors and computer maintenance organisations working for the University, in which case it will be covered by appropriate non-disclosure agreements.

Summary statistics are extracted from this data and some of these may be made publicly available, but those that are do not include information from which individuals could be identified.

[You should appreciate that a log is a record of what a server sees, not necessarily what was initially sent. If a request is sent via a proxy the log file will show the proxy's address. If someone has forged your address the log file will show your address]

Otherwise the logged information is not passed to any third party, except if required by law.

Your ability to make changes

You may request deletion of your personal data at any time by emailing the webmaster.

Your personal data and the University

Read more about how the University uses your personal information on the University Information Compliance site. When you visit any of the websites within the University of Cambridge domain we hold certain information about you for service and security reasons. For more information on this, please see