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Assessment centres and selection tests

Employers use a range of tests and exercises in the recruitment process. These often (not always) take place at Assessment Centres. The Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services (AGCAS) has produced a video giving advice on how to approach assessment centres.

Psychometric tests

Includes ability tests, aptitude tests and personality questionnaires. Learn about and practise psychometric tests

Situational Judgement Tests

Lots of employers use situational judgement tests during their recruitment stage, particularly at graduate level. Basically, SJTs measure behaviour and attitudes to work-related scenarios. Find out what these tests involve and try one for free.

Medical students can find an SJT practice paper on the Foundation Programme website.

In-tray/e-tray exercises

These simulate a real work situation. More information about in-tray/e-tray exercises

Group exercises

An Assessment Centre is likely to involve some form of group exercise with other candidates - this might be a practical task or taking part in some form of discussion. It gives the employer the chance to see how you interact and work with others. During Michaelmas we host Assessment Centre Skills sessions, run by graduate employers. Check the diary for dates.

This is about good team work. Assessors will be looking at:

  • the quality of your contribution and involvement in the task
  • your ability to make your point and achieve results
  • how you listen to and encourage others.

An effective team is made up of a variety of roles, and candidates will each have their different strengths to bring to the group.

To ensure that candidates are assessed fairly in a group exercise, assessors are assigned to observe maybe one or two at most, so your contribution (both verbal and non-verbal) will be noted at all times.