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Cam Connect - local enterprise and technology

Lots of interest from students in our company, really busy and had the great opportunity to me lots of potential future candidates!

Description of event: This is an opportunity for regional technology-based organisations to meet and recruit University of Cambridge students from all departments (including undergraduates, postgraduates, post docs and MBAs) who are interested in working in the Cambridge area.

Open To: Technology organisations based in Cambridge or the surrounding area, or national/international organisations recruiting for their Cambridge offices.

Cost: £430 plus VAT.

Stand:  Curved 'Pop-up' OR max 3 'banner' stands for the back of your 3mx2m pitch.  Non-standard items (e.g. rigid structures/straight frame stands) must be agreed with us in advance. Oversize stands are not permitted.

Representatives: Three representatives per pitch is the permitted maximum.

Extra Info: Wifi and electricity available. Light refreshments provided throughout the event.

Event Stats 2019: 40 organisations met 183 Undergraduates and 122 Postgraduates. 61% of the 345 were male.

Of the 183 undergraduates, 50% were finalists, 18% penultimates. Undergraduates disciplines: 85 Natural Science, 50 Engineering and 18 Mathematics.

At postgraduate level 77 PhD and 32 MPhil. (26 Engineering, 16 Physics, 12 Chemistry, 10 Medicine, 10 Chemical Engineering & Biotechnology).