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Comms and Creative Event

It was really fun meeting all the students - they were very bright, engaging and seemed to really value the help and advice we gave them.

Date/times/location:  Wednesday 5 February 2020 14.30 to 17.30 - Student Services Centre, Bene't Street Cambridge CB2 3PT

Description of event: As creative as it is technical, this event remains the prime focus for Cambridge students who want to find out more about careers in Advertising/Marketing/PR; Film/TV/radio; journalism; publishing; science communications, media management and media law. Many of our alumni now working in these dynamic areas attended our events.

It is part of our series of ‘pop-up’ events, providing the opportunity for networking without the necessity for large display stands, marketing material and the associated logistics.

Open To: National and local media organisations who take on graduates; media course providers and media industry associations; individual graduates who work in the media; and, if space allows, relevant student societies.

Cost: £100 plus VAT to organisations/course providers/associations (who may bring one banner stand - max 80cm). Free charge for individuals attending on their own behalf.

Further Information: Benefits to organisations include a chance to get the facts of media life across to enthusiastic students who are willing to learn; free publicity and free information about your organisation on the Media section of our website, and in the event programme, live as an online flip-book for a year.

Benefits to individual attendees include the opportunity to share experiences with your Cambridge contemporaries and with students still at the university, and to make new contacts which may be mutually beneficial.

The Careers Service runs informative careers evenings during the fortnight preceding the Event. As a result, students come to the Event briefed about working in the media and with more time for uninterrupted discussion with the participants during the course of the evening.

Attendance Stats 2019: 38 organisations or individuals met 156 Undergraduates and 63 Postgraduates. 61% of the 232 were female.

Of the 156 undergraduates, 44% were finalists, 31% penultimates. Undergraduates most highly represented: 25 English, 25 Natural Sciences, 18 History, 13 Modern & Medieval Languages and 12 Human Social & Political Sciences.

At postgraduate level 17 PhD and 37 MPhil.