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Data Science 'Pop-Up' Event

It was nice to talk to students who didn't really know much about Data Science and to discuss various career options and how to get into the area.

Description of event: A ‘pop-up’ style event to allow data science practitioners using predictive analytics and machine learning to turn unstructured data into decision making tools to meet and discuss their work and career opportunities in a networking style environment.

Open To: Organisations offering full time or internship roles in data science – from small start-ups to larger organisations across all sectors - who will send a data-science practitioner.

Cost: £100 + VAT

Stand: One 'banner' stand (maximum width 80cm), one box of literature.

Representatives: One additional representative is permitted although not encouraged.

Extra Info: Wifi available. Light lunch and refreshments provided throughout the event.

Event Stats 2018: 26 organisations attended and met 161 postgraduates and 120 undergraduates.