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Careers in Creative Industries: media, publishing & digital comms

Description of event: The new Careers in the Creative Industries event replaces 'Working in the Media'. As creative as it is technical, the event will now also cover digital media and digital comms, whilst remaining the prime focus for Cambridge students who want to find out more about careers in journalism, radio and TV, film, publishing, science communication, media law and media management. Many of our alumni now working in this fast-paced sector benefited from attending this event whilst at Cambridge.

In 2014 the rebranded event attracted 332 students (from first-year undergraduates to final-year PhDs and alumni). Students and alumni were given the opportunity to meet 56 employers/professional bodies, course providers and individual graduates who had come along to talk about their opportunities and experiences.

photo: katielips

Open To: National and local media organisations who take on graduates regularly or from time to time; media course providers and media industry associations; individual graduates now working in media jobs (many are Cambridge alumni); and, if space allows, student societies.

Cost: £100 to organisations and course providers. Please contact us if you feel this charge would be a barrier to your attendance. This income assists us in covering some of the costs of running the Event. There is no charge for individuals attending on their own behalf.

Further Information: Benefits to organisations include a chance to get the facts of media life across to enthusiastic students who are willing to learn; free publicity and free information about your organisation on the dedicated Media section of our Careers Service website.

Benefits to individual attendees include the opportunity to share experiences with your Cambridge contemporaries and with students still at the university, and to make new contacts which may be mutually beneficial.

Comments from the 2013 Event:

"Met lots of very clued-up students with a clear idea of what they want to do. I was especially pleased to meet someone who had previously contacted me via GradLink, to put a face to the name and to find out how she was getting on with her job hunt. Makes it feel worthwhile to see students' progress across time."

"Thanks for putting on the event, this is the second year I've come and it's always very useful and well organised."

"I had a good time, and I think I was useful to the students. I certainly didn't have an idle moment… I'd be pleased to do it again."

The Careers Service runs informative careers evenings during the fortnight preceding the Event. As a result, students come to the Event briefed about working in creative industries and with more time for uninterrupted discussion with the participants during the course of the evening.

Event Programme: A website for our students is created for each event. Participants are asked to provide a career biography. For organisations, this includes text about the organisation itself, together with a short biography for each representative attending the event. Individual graduate participants are asked to provide a biography only. These texts are published on the Careers in Creative Industries website and remain live for the whole of the following year, forming a major information source about the participants for our users. Shortly before the Event, we create a printed event programme from these texts which is distributed to the students attending the Event. Please note: we may need to edit entries to suit the required format on the website and in the programme.

Disclaimer: Submitted booking forms will be acknowledged by us on receipt. We seek to offer our students the widest range of experience within this sector and so must reserve the right to decline a booking request.