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Work to Change the World

…The quality of the students was what we had expected from Cambridge and more. An excellent event overall and probably the best careers fair I have been to this year.

Booking Form: Please submit a PDF booking form via Adobe or by RTF version.  As this event is very popular it is often necessary for participants to share a table. For organisations who do not wish to share a £100 + vat fee will be charged, credit card payment by e.sales (we will send you a link).
Please read our Booking Conditions carefully (bookings will be dealt with on a first-come, first-served basis).

Description of event: Our ‘for more than profit’ information event focuses on work that offer rewards beyond profit – individual fulfilment, work with ‘meaning’, challenge, and a real fit between the organisation and the individual. Recent Trendence and Universum surveys have shown that many Cambridge students are seeking a career that makes a real and worthwhile contribution to Society.

Open To: Organisations (particularly charities and social enterprises) within Conservation and the Environment, Health and Human Rights, the Public Sector and Policy, International and UK Development, and Research. Our aim is to offer a balanced, wide-ranging selection from within these sectors. You do not have to have immediate vacancies or vacation work opportunities, although this obviously helps. 

Stand package: One banner stand only permitted (max 80cm) it is by no means necessary to bring a stand.

Representatives: Two representatives per pitch is the permitted maximum, refreshments provided.

Attendance Stats 2019: 81 organisations met 356 Undergraduates and 143 Postgraduates. 66% of the 515 were female.

Of the 356 undergraduates, 38% were finalists, 37% penultimates. Undergraduates most highly represented: 58 Human Social & Political Sciences, 53 Natural Sciences, 37 Law, 35 Geography.

At postgraduate level 27 PhD and 99 MPhil. Departments most represented - 24 Development Studies, 19 Engineering, 18 Education, 11 Land Economy, 11 Politics & International Studies.