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Raising your profile

Cambridge is a complex place for a marketing campaign. University members are at different stages in their studies - undergraduates, postgraduates, postdoctoral researchers - and with varying years of study behind them. They study different subjects, in different schools and departments, live in different colleges, are from various national and cultural backgrounds, and are all at different stages in their career planning.

There is therefore no simple one-size-fits-all way to run a successful recruitment campaign here. The best place to start is to take a look at our 'about the University' pages to get a better understanding of the students' experience. See below for a prioritised list of ways to raise your profile at Cambridge:

  • Advertise your vacancies and vacation opportunities to our users via our website. This is a free service and 80% of all finalists are registered to use the system (no log-in, just complete the template and submit;
  • Consider coming to one or more of our careers events. This is a good way to get wide exposure. Our events team can advise you on the options via;
  • See the sidebar for other ways to raise your profile, or to further publicise your visit/presentation;
  • If you are still unsure of the best way forward, then to talk to your liaison Careers Adviser about what will work for you, via