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Raising your profile - using your alumni


GradLink is an alumni database of Cambridge graduates who are prepared to act as networking contacts for our current students. Encouraging appropriate employees to volunteer for GradLink ensures that your organisation's details are found when our users research networking contacts in your sector. Sometimes students use GradLink to see what others who studied their discipline are now doing in their career - this can be another useful promotion for you. More on GradLink.


We welcome and collect feedback from alumni on their work after Cambridge. This can be in the form of a piece of written text, or possibly a recorded discussion for our website. This type of information is invaluable to our users, and can be good publicity for specific employers.

College/Department Relationships

Some recruiters are keen to build closer relationships with more manageable sized parts of the University, such as an individual college or department. Using your Cambridge alumni or last year's interns to network at college or department level can be an effective way of introducing small, highly focused profile raising events, such as dinners, film nights, bar nights, sports activities or sponsoring small college level events at which you might make a short pitch. This can allow you to tap into a level of activity which is not visible from outside the University. Your insiders will have an idea of what is appropriate and what works at this level, as well as having personal contacts they can work through.