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Raising your profile - targeted mailings

Special mailings

We are not able to supply lists to employers of names and addresses of students from the University's records because such information is confidential under the terms of the Data Protection Act. We may, however, be able to arrange special mailings to particular groups of students. This is a service for which we make a charge.

Class lists

Every year the University publishes a special edition of The Reporter with all the summer's exam results therein. If you want to write to students in a particular year group and discipline, this publication will give you undergraduates' degree discipline, year, exam result, surname, first name initials and college.

CamCareers emails

When you book a presentation with us we will automatically include information about your visit in our targeted careers news email CamCareers the Thursday/Friday before your visit. You can also give us sector-specific news to circulate to those of our users who have signed up for specific careers information, however use of this service is at the discretion of the careers service, and cannot be used by employers to send targeted emails.