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Publicising your visit

Once your Cambridge visit is confirmed by us it will be publicised free of charge via:

  • An entry in the web diary for the term - live from 2 weeks before the start of term (for PhD visits). Students and registered alumni can see the whole diary, select by week or by employment sector. See 'what do I need to put in my diary page template' in our visit FAQ's
  • A CamCareers 'weekly round-up' email - sent on the Thursday before your visit, promoting the week ahead.
  • Sector specific CamCareers emails - giving more detail than the weekly round-up, utilising some of the text from your web-diary entry, sent on the Friday of the week before your visit.
  • Links to/from other entries - when you place a vacancy with us the entry on our website automatically flags any forthcoming visits you have planned, any careers events you are attending (and vice versa) and also links to your own website.
Due to the large number of employers wishing to visit, and because the University does not permit 'spam', we do not offer additional paid email publicity. We can however offer special mailings. Although we are not able to supply lists to employers of names and addresses of students from the University's records because such information is confidential under the terms of the Data Protection Act, we may be able to arrange hard-copy special mailings to particular groups of students. This is a service for which we make a charge.

There are many other ways you can raise your profile here at Cambridge. 

  • Webinars: As these are not a physical event we are unable to schedule or promote them through our termly diary, however we will do our best to publicise these to students via targeted CamCareers emails if you make contact. 


By supplying information to us, you consent to us publishing it in paper form and on the web for up to two years. Please inform us if any of the personal data supplied changes during this period. Please also note that we rely on you for the accuracy of the information you provide and also for having obtained the consent of any named individual to publication of their details on the web.