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CamCareers - targeted careers news emails

CamCareers is our careers news email information service to students and graduates.

What do we circulate via CamCareers?

We are happy to consider sending out appropriate emails with news content on behalf of organisations to our CamCareers audience and can target messages by many combinations of career interests, and by recipients' nationality, gender, qualification, year and course. However, we do not routinely send students advertising material to promote every event at Cambridge - there are so many of these that this would be counter-productive, and students can find this information in our Diary. Using the CamCareers service on behalf of an organisation remains at the discretion of Cambridge University Careers Service. If there is information for which you would like to consider using CamCareers, please discuss it with your liaison careers adviser.

Who can receive CamCareers Emails?

Students and graduates are able to register their specific career interests with the Careers Service, choosing one or more of over 60 categories. They then receive regular emailed information collated by our staff. This includes information about relevant events (supplementing the Diary we maintain on the web), publications and websites, feedback from Cambridge graduates, and other sector specific news. Please note that we do not routinely send out vacancies using CamCareers - vacancies are posted online in our searchable Vacancies & Opportunities database, where users can set up their own searches and can have these search results emailed to them daily or weekly.

There are currently over 5000 users of CamCareers. About 37% are pre-final students and 47% are final-year students. This represents a significant proportion of those interested in forthcoming opportunities as, of the student body as a whole, there will be a substantial number of international students returning home or students who have already decided on career or further study options.

To target MBA students from the Judge Business School, you will need to contact the MBA Careers Director.