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Examples of employer good practice

  • Citibank have very easily found Accessibility pages
  • BrowseAloud - a program that reads out the words on a website, highlighting the words as they are being read aloud. BrowseAloud is a tool for people who may find it difficult to read text online or for those who may have literacy problems and/or learning disabilities such dyslexia.
  • Citibank and Deloitte within their About the firm webpages, and very easily found, there is a lot of information about why they value diversity and actively want a diverse workplace. They have mentors, diversity employee networks of many kinds, give training to their workforce encouraging understanding and flexibility etc. Citi have a Diversity Operating Council reporting to the board at top senior level on progress. It's a clear indication to applicants that they take diversity seriously and it's embedded throughout the organisation.
  • Ofcom - has the Two Ticks symbol appearing on every page of their careers website
  • Jaguar Land Rover - in the FAQ's there's information about reasonable adjustments and how keen they are to know what is needed.

Please let your liaison Careers Adviser know what is already in place at your organisation as well as any case studies you can share demonstrating inclusivity in the workplace.