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Start-Up Event

Met lots of very eligible candidates...

There was a good buzz in the room and lots of traffic...

Description of event: A ‘pop-up’ style event to help students interested in working for a high-tech start-up to discuss career opportunities in a networking style environment. An ideal opportunity for science or technology-based organisations to meet and recruit Cambridge students from all departments (including undergraduates, postgraduates, post docs and MBAs).

Open To: Start-ups in any sector seeking STEM candidates. As a guide, we consider a start-up as an organisation formed in the last five years with fewer than 20 employees. We ask that you have at least one full time graduate or postgraduate role or an internship project available in the coming months.

The Start-Up event will be held alongside Cam Connect (same date and time but different room), and is open to National and International, as well as Cambridge based start-ups. In 2017 the total student attendance was 630. Organisations from the local area may choose between the new Start-Up Event and Cam Connect, which has a different fee structure and stand/representatives arrangements.

Cost: £100 plus VAT

Stand: One 'banner' stand (maximum width 80cm), one box of literature.

Representatives: One representative per pitch is the permitted maximum. Extra Info: Wifi and electricity available. Light refreshments provided.

Event Stats 2019: 18 start-ups met 192 undergraduates and 107 postgraduates. 65% of the 333 attendees were male. Of the 192 undergraduates 45% were finalists, 20% penultimates and 22% first years. Undergraduates disciplines: 85 Natural Sciences, 55 Engineering, 16 Mathematics. Postgraduate: 62 PhD and 30 MPhil. (21 Engineering and 20 Physics).