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Engineering, Science and Technology Fair

A well-attended event from my firm's perspective. All the students who approached us had a clear interest in our industry, and had prepared beforehand.

Sample Programme
Bookings: Those already on the invitation list will be sent a link to a web form - if you would like to be added to the invite list please email (organisations not registered with the Careers Service will need to do so via the first section of the vacancy template). It is not possible to proved a written quotation, payment via e.sales.

Description: Due to high demand from recruiters and students to attend this extremely popular fair it will continue to be held over two days, giving students the opportunity to meet different organisations each day.

Open To: Organisations offering opportunities in areas such as telecoms, engineering, IT, manufacturing, patent work, pharmaceutical, R&D, science and technology, transport, and power/utilities.

Booking form: Please complete pfd / rtf , includes an example programme entry and event advertising/sponsorship options.

Important Info: It is the responsibility of organisations likely to attract student protests to advise us at the point of booking.

See the sample programme which includes an example programme entry and event advertising/sponsorship options.

Stands: Two pitch size options:

3m x 2m pitch for a curved max 4 panel 'Pop-up' OR up to 3 'banner' stands, not both, and three representatives;

2m x 2m pitch for max 2 banner stands - two representatives.

All stands must be positioned behind your table. For any other stand options please contact the events team in advance. We reserve the right to refuse any structure/items not agreed by us. Wifi and one electrical outlet provided.

Representatives: Permitted maximum of two or three representatives, depending on option selected above, for whom lunch and refreshments will be provided.

Promotional items: Sustainable items only (eg keep-cups/water bottles, notebooks, bike repair kits). No singe use plastics.

2019 Attendance Stats: 130 organisations over the two days.  Of the attendance figures below, 334 individuals attended both days.

Day 1 saw 931 students (1058 in 2018 & 789 in 2017), 25% postgraduates. Of the 645 undergraduates, 25% were finalists, 33% penultimates and 31% first years.

Day 2 saw 827 students (693 in 2018 & 644 in 2017) 19 were postgraduates. Of the 634 undergraduates, 29% were final years, 28% penultimates, 32% first years.

The disciplines most represented at undergraduates level included, on day 1 and day 2: Natural Sciences 251 & 233, Engineering 234 & 264, and Computer Science 78 % 58, Mathematics 48 & 44.