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Barristers Event

We met some exceptional students and found that a number were interested in our Chambers due to the fact that we offer both a mix of public and commercial work, the level of engagement was much appreciated.

Description of event: This 'Bar only' Event is held within the Squire Law Library in the Faculty of Law - a central venue chosen to maximise student attendance. It is open to Law and non-Law undergraduate and graduate students and to Cambridge alumni, and is extensively advertised through the Careers Service's online and print resources.

Open To: Chambers registered with the Careers Service - limited additional spaces for pro bono and public sector organisations by invitation.

Cost: £435 plus VAT.

Stand: One 'banner' stand only (max width 80cm) and a small amount of literature, which your representative can bring or which can be delivered to the venue on the day (9am to noon). Goods must be removed at the end of the event.

Representatives: Two representatives per pitch is the permitted maximum.

Extra Info: Wifi available. Light lunch and refreshments provided throughout the event.

November 2017 attendance Stats: While not every student was scanned into the event we are able to say that over 100 students attended, 55% were female. Of the 100 attendees scanned into the event, 70% were Undergraduates and 30% Postgraduates. 80% of the attendees were studying Law.