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Careers in Quantitative Finance

The students were very targeted- they were asking the representatives very good questions regarding the roles.

Bookings: Those already on the invitation list will be sent a link to a booking form - if you would like to be added to the invite list please email (organisations not registered with the Careers Service will need to do so via the first section of the vacancy template). It is not possible to proved a written quotation. Payment is via (or, by arrangement and at £50 additional charge) by invoice.

Description: This event takes place in two rooms of Cambridge University's award-winning Centre for Mathematical Sciences and runs alongside the Careers for Mathematicians event, on a different floor.

Open To: Recruiters whose opportunities have quantitative content sufficiently challenging to attract able mathematicians, and where recruitment for the roles would normally be mainly from that discipline or physics.

Stand: Due to space restrictions no display stands or other floor-standing equipment are permitted, we also do not allow laptops or other A/V equipment. A small table will be provided.

Representatives: Three representatives per pitch is the permitted maximum. Light refreshments provided.

Please note that representatives should predominantly be practitioners working in quant finance roles. Students attending particularly benefit from talking to like-minded individuals rather than to HR professionals. These students often do not visit our more general careers fairs.

Promotional items: Small quantities of sustainable items only (eg keep-cups/water bottles, notebooks, bike repair kits). No singe use plastics.  

2019 Careers in Quantitative Finance Event Attendance: 452 attended (11% female). 112 postgraduates.

320 undergraduates including 160 finalists and 116 penultimate years. Most were mathematicians but also16 computer scientists, 17 engineers, 38 natural sciences.