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Special mailings to students

We are not able to supply unpublished lists to employers of names and addresses of students from the University's records because such information is confidential under the terms of the Data Protection Act. We may, however, be able to arrange special mailings to particular groups of students.

Who we can mail

  • In addition to using our standard means of advertising your vacancies or visit/presentation you can send material to individual students via the Careers Service.
  • Given at least two weeks' notice (and perhaps more during extremely busy periods), we can identify certain groups of students according to the following criteria:
    • country of residence
    • year of study
    • course
    • qualification (i.e. BA, MPhil, Meng, Msci, PhD, Diplomas, Certificates)
  • Any employer wishing to arrange a special mailing to such groups should contact in the first instance. The Careers Service will assess the feasibility of the request and provide an estimate of the timescale and costs involved.
  • We will only mail slim material such a brochure or letter (either A4 or A5 sizes). We will not normally mail commercial publications.

How we can mail

  • You will need to supply the appropriate quantity of items in plain, unsealed envelopes, as we need to enclose a disclaimer notice explaining we are passing on information at the request of the employer and have not disclosed the student's name. If this material is not in English, we will require an English translation so that we are aware of the content.
  • For mailing large groups in excess of 500 students we may have to despatch mail over the course of a two week period. On average, mail delivered to student pigeon holes may take up to a week to arrive.


Our normal charge is £1.50 per head with a minimum of £150 for small packages. For large packages, the rate is negotiable. The minimum may be reduced to £100 for small groups of overseas students.