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Things that don't work well at Cambridge

Experience has shown that due to the nature of the University there are a few things which don't work well here. The below have been either tried (or proposed) unsuccessfully in the past.

  • Planning a major physical attraction / presence at the centre of student activity. Cambridge is a collegiate not a campus university, and therefore we have no single centre of student activity. (See map of the University and the city centre.)
  • Distribution of free goods (including food and beverages). Faculties will not permit their open spaces to be used by recruiters/agencies because of the disturbance to teaching activities. We particularly ask that recruiters do not approach the University's Facilities Management directly about these matters. They will immediately direct such requests back to the Events Office of the Careers Service.
  • Flying a tethered balloon where students will pick up an advertising message - doesn't work for the reasons above.
  • Advertising in the "University building" - we don't have one.
  • Leafleting or handing out material and freebies outside lecture rooms/inside faculty buildings. Previous attempts to do this have resulted in complaints of nuisance from uninterested students and staff and firms have been required to desist.
  • Handing out marketing material as students emerge from their examinations - will certainly lead to complaints, bad publicity or worse.
  • Handing out elitist careers publications at the entrance to careers events.
  • Asking us to provide web links to promote vacancy sites which are predominately anonymous adverts run by recruitment consultants
  • Advertising work in breach of minimum wage legislation.