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Supporters Club

The Cambridge Careers Service Supporters Club was established in 1987. It helps members and the Careers Service to keep in touch with each other in a particularly effective way. There are about 130 member organisations.

Benefits to the member organisations

Depending on the employment sector, these include:

  • Two weeks' priority booking for the relevant sector Careers Service recruitment events (fairs) 
  • an overview of the current outlook for graduate recruitment
  • an opportunity to attend one of our 'New Recruiter' days held in Cambridge in the summer.
  • destination statistics
  • the opportunities for informal discussion and exchange of information with other organisations in your sector and with careers advisers
  • opportunities to raise your organisation's profile with students and graduates by sponsoring or funding Career Service publications
  • opportunities to deliver employer-led skills sessions on generic transferable skills or processes connected with generic job applications. We make all the arrangements for these, including room bookings, advertising, sign up lists and post event evaluation. You simply provide the speakers and their material. These are advertised to our users anonymously so that they do not cherry pick sessions by particular employers, but by content. With your consent we will audio record suitable sessions for users to access from our website after the event.
  • annual sector group meetings
  • cross sector meetings
  • development plans
  • an Annual Report.

Benefits to the Careers Service

The Supporters Club has enabled the Service to increase knowledge of individual organisations and their needs, to extend our reference resources and to provide extra equipment and other benefits for students. At the moment, the sectors covered include

  • Banking
  • Chartered Accountancy
  • Commerce, Technology and Industry
  • Law
  • Management Consultancy

If you would like further details, please email us.

Find out more about the ways in which you can help the Careers Service through sponsorship.