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Why recruit at Cambridge?

Cambridge is a world-class university. Its members, whether undergraduate students, postgraduate students or staff, share the same principles of commitment to high academic performance. Subjects are taught through Schools and Departments which score highly in independent reviews of teaching quality. Cambridge courses are particularly highly-regarded by employers and academics, either because of the breadth or depth of material covered, or because of the unusual or relevant topics included.

Cambridge also enjoys an excellent reputation for the quality of research conducted here, ensuring that top graduates are attracted from across the world to postgraduate courses and for research degrees.

Undergraduate and postgraduate students are members of individual colleges, where they belong to a vibrant community which crosses the divides of age, courses, subjects studied and nationalities.

The University produces data on Cambridge Students, as well as data from previous academic years; you may be particularly interested in undergraduate student numbers by subject by gender, or detailed statistics on Postgraduates.

Undergraduates are able to develop transferable skills through the academic supervisory system which covers all courses and subjects. Students are required to have regular meetings with supervisors in each subject studied. At these supervisions, students will meet in a small group to discuss their understanding of their work and related issues, and to receive and submit individual work assignments. Students quickly develop interpersonal and communications skills, persuasiveness and the ability to work in groups.

This system, coupled with short academic terms and high workloads, also ensures that students develop good time management skills. Time management skills are also tested by involvement in sporting, social, artistic and other non-academic activities linked to hundreds of University and college societies.

You will find further information in the Cambridge University Careers Service Annual Report (including First Destination Statistics).