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Do you think you may want to be a performing musician?

This is a lifestyle choice as much as a career choice. Talk to people who are professional musicians about the pros and cons (see GradLink).

  • do you enjoy the adrenaline of being on stage?
  • can you imagine getting as much satisfaction from anything else?

Are you prepared to have

  • irregular and uncertain income and sometimes debt
  • lots of 'dead' time (travel, airports, waiting to do your turn)
  • work when friends are having time off (evenings, weekends)
  • a career often on mainland Europe and further afield

Are you prepared for

  • self promotion and self marketing - you'll need to do this to get the work as a freelance musician. Website, social media, networking, negotiating fees.
  • the admin of a freelance career. Maintaining a complex diary of rehearsals and concerts, budgeting, timekeeping, doing your own tax return
  • the necessity of a plan B to make ends meet when there isn't enough performing work

What is your Plan B?

You may only need this temporarily to make ends meet while you are starting out but there is a chance it could become a longer term career. Your Plan B needs to be something you enjoy rather than just something to tolerate.

You may also find the performance pages on the Arts and Heritage sector useful.