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Where and how to look for roles open to music graduates

There are some roles where a degree in music is essential combined with further study. The most obvious being music teacher or a future in academia.

Whilst most other careers in the music industry may not specify a music degree they usually require a level of knowledge of music that it would be hard to come by any other way.

I have a music degree and ideas for a career direction

Use the Careers Service resources to research your ideas further.

I'm starting from scratch and am looking for inspiration

There is no answer to the question "what do music graduates usually go into?". The answer is anything and everything. Recent examples include a Website Marketing Executive for eBay, a press officer for Nature magazine and a role in Global Risk Assurance for Save the Children.

Search GradLink for music graduates to see where they are working now

Think about your skill set, what motivates you and what you want from a job. This will help you when looking at job descriptions to see if the job will deliver what you hope it will

Search Vacancies & Opportunities– the majority of roles posted on Vacancies & Opportunities are open to a degree of "any discipline”. Look at these and match them against your skills and motivations. Use the archived vacancies to see the kinds of roles that come up. Most arts organisations don't target Cambridge though so see the arts & heritage pages for advice on finding these jobs

Look at Unistats to look at what past alumni from your course have gone on to

Talk to a careers adviser. You don't have to have an idea of what you want to do to use the Careers Service. You can just talk through ideas or discuss how to start thinking it through.

Go to our Get inspired pages for our range of resources to help you towards a satisfying job

Look for inspiration at these Destinations of Music Graduates

Options within your subject from Prospects for further information on career options