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Finding graduate jobs and summer placements

When to start your job hunt

Many engineering graduate schemes will recruit in the Michaelmas term for an autumn start in the following year. Other companies, including smaller and medium-sized firms, are more likely to recruit all year round.

Summer placements will be advertised from October onwards. Larger employers tend to advertise summer internships as early as Michaelmas. Check the eligibility criteria for summer placements as some are only open to penultimate year students.

car manufacture

How to get ahead:

  • Some companies have application deadlines very close to or before the start of the Michaelmas term. Set up a search on Handshake and get new vacancies straight to your inbox.

Research potential employers:

  • Search for and contact Cambridge alumni working in your desired company or area of interest, via GradLink.
  • Looking for a niche employer? Use LinkedIn to search for opportunities for advertised posts or speculative applications with smaller companies. Search Cambridge Alumni on LinkedIn to find out what other Cambridge engineers have done.

What degree are employers looking for?

Although you are encouraged to specialise throughout your degree, dont let that specialisation define you as an engineer and dont be discouraged from applying for roles which might seem outside your specialisation. You will continue learning throughout your career; your degree provides the foundations on which you can build.

MEng graduate (Mech Eng), now working for the UKs largest car manufacturer.

Want to become an engineer but didn't study MEng?

Many organisations also accept applicants from non-engineering degrees, such as physics, materials science, chemistry and earth sciences. This will depend on the relevance of your particular modules/courses.

On track for a 2:2?

Many engineering employers will accept a 2:2. Target Jobs lists these employers

Further study?

Most engineering roles do not require a higher degree (e.g. PhD). Further study on its own does not necessarily lead to a higher starting salary, but the expertise in a particular niche area combined with increased transferable skills can open up new opportunities. See our advice on further study. Remember it is possible to do another Masters or PhD after you have gained some industrial experience.

Application process:

Search for vacancies:

Graduate jobs and summer placements

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