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Working for a start-up

If you haven’t yet come up with your own business idea, partners or funding, working for a start-up could be a great option. There are a number of advantages to taking this route...

✓ You will get exposure to the issues and growing pains of a new business

✓ You might get involved in projects outside your core area, giving you a breadth of experience

✓ You will develop a view of what it takes to be a founder and to build a team

✓ You will likely join a team of like-minded individuals

✓ You may be offered some equity in the business, although there is no guarantee

✓ You will explore the world of entrepreneurship, with less risks

These positives can be outweighed by some challenges – don’t expect a perfect job description, a neat 9-5, or clear steering of priorities. The culture of start-ups can be frenetic, chaotic and full of ‘constructive conflict’ as the founders feel their way. This environment can be fun, but also frustrating. Remember to investigate how financially viable your start-up is before joining. Have they started earning revenue? If they have funding, how long will it last? It is important to know how things stand before you commit.

Networking is a good way to get involved with a start-up, but you could also try...

Job boards



Start-up incubators and co-working spaces