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Careers using languages

"I want a career that will use my language skills"

Mostly, fluency in a language won't get you the job. However, if it's the icing on a cake of complementary skills and a genuine interest in both the job and the employer, knowledge of a language may well give you the edge.

Teaching, translating or interpreting are not the only careers that use languages regularly. The Careers Using Languages events usually feature six alumni from a range of careers talking about how they use their languages in their role, why they are essential and what you can do with your language skills. Listen to the podcasts to get inspiration and to find out how the speakers use their language skills.

If you are interested in learning another language you may also wish to look into opportunities offered by the Cambridge University Language Centre

Prospective Students Whilst these pages are designed for current students you may find the information in this area useful when deciding whether to apply for a degree in Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics at Cambridge. The majority of these particular pages are open to you though you may find that links to other areas of our website are blocked as they are only available to current students at Cambridge.

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