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Careers for graduates in music

A degree in music does not tie you into a career in music though it is a very good basis for one. Whilst many graduates do go into careers that are connected to the music industry (performing, venue managers, recording companies, artists agencies etc), just as many go into careers not connected with music at all.

Graduates include the Head of Growth at Sport England, a Brand Manager at Procter and Gamble, a Publishing Specialist at IBM and a Barrister. For more ideas and inspiration look at the Destinations of Music Graduates to see the many and varied directions a Music Degree can take you.

To help you decide on a career direction you might like to look at our career sector pages.

Concert Hall

Any musician with a good degree from Cambridge will have acquired a range of skills attractive to employers: the ability to work independently, to evaluate the significance of evidence, to discriminate, and to present arguments clearly and persuasively.In addition, through your extra curricular music activities you’ll have developed skills in multi-tasking numerous priorities to deadlines, teamwork, project/concert management, marketing, leadership, problem solving, even budgeting and fundraising.

Prospective Students – You may find the information in these pages useful when deciding whether to apply for a degree in Music. The majority of these particular pages are open to you though you may find that links to other areas of our website are blocked as they are only available to current students at Cambridge.