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Vacation work and work experience

Work experience counts. Employers need to discriminate between applicants with a very similar academic profile and place increasing emphasis on the value of work experience. Without it you may struggle to compete at the application stage.

What can vacation work do for you?

  • Allows you to decide if a particular type of work or employer really suits your own future career plans
  • Can lead to a permanent job offer post-graduation - saving you time to focus on your degree in your final year
  • Creates opportunities for networking
  • Allows you to demonstrate your ability to adapt to a professional or business environment
  • Gives you direct insight into how an organisation works
  • Adds real value to your CV

Vacation experience feedback

Over 500 students responded to our recent vacation experience survey, telling us where they worked and what they gained; many are happy to discuss their experiences with other students.

Browse vacation work examples from this year and last year.

As part of your academic work Paid internships, stages, training corps…
Unpaid/voluntary work I just need the cash...

Careers Service bursary schemes

Bursaries of up to £500 are available to help fund unpaid or low-paid work experience in sectors where it is hard to get paid experience: media, arts & heritage, and not for profit.