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We have taken several measures to ensure careers information at the Careers Service is as accessible as possible to all.

Please contact us at or call 01223 338 288 before you visit - or call in and speak to the Information Staff to discuss your requirements such as:

  • alternative formats of information (e.g on disc, in large print or in Braille, coloured paper)
  • access to the Careers Library: there are four steps up to the front entrance to the Careers Service. We have a temporary ramp to enable wheelchair access. Please notify the Careers Service prior to arrival so that we can put it in place. If you are a disabled driver, have a Blue Badge and require the disabled parking space at the Careers Service please notify us on booking your appointment 01223 338 288.

If you would like to make any further suggestions for improvements please do let us know at

We have a lot of useful information for students with disabilities on our website.


The Careers Service is committed to making accessible for all users information and resources that are available via the web. We favour the principles of usability and universal design, which will be of benefit of all users. By following these principles and incorporating techniques to ensure information and resources are accessible with assistive technologies, separate resources for disabled users should not be required.

We aim to meet at least the double-A standard of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, as defined by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

Older areas of the website are being reviewed, and updated. Until this is complete, some of our web pages may not meet all the criteria of the double-A standard.