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Mission statement

The Careers Service is

  • For all current Cambridge University undergraduate and postgraduate students from any year, any subject, any college, any nationality - and for all Cambridge alumni. A specialised service exists for all postdoctoral researchers.
  • Able to help with advice and information whatever your starting point, whether you need help choosing what to do or have very specific questions. Our staff are experienced professionals, competent to give advice and guidance in a wide range of areas.
  • Free of charge, with the exception of some small charges to cover the cost of materials and consumables used in psychometric testing, and postage costs for those living away from Cambridge. You will be informed about any such charges beforehand.
  • Free from discrimination, we adhere to the University's Equal Opportunities Policy and Code of Practice.
  • Wholly independent of any commercial relationship with employers. Unlike commercial recruitment agencies we do not receive any payment from employers based on the number of Cambridge students they recruit. Our advice and information is impartial and objective.
  • Confidential; information about you will not be passed to anyone else outside the Careers Service without your prior agreement. We keep records to provide background continuity in your discussions over time which may be with several careers advisers. We adhere to the Data Protection Act and Data Protection Principles listed on the University's website.
  • Participative and open. We actively seek your views, comments and suggestions on how we might improve our Service. Please use the suggestions book in the foyer at the Careers Service, email us your views, use our online feedback form or write to any careers adviser or to the Director of the Service. If you wish to complain about our service on any matter please email or write to the person involved, a careers adviser or the Director of the Service. You will receive our reply within five working days and we shall describe any further stages if a satisfactory resolution is not reached.