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Introduction for (senior) Academic Staff

Welcome to the Careers Service website and the section specifically for Senior Tutors, Directors of Study, other academics and senior administrators within the University.

These pages give a brief overview about what we do, who we do it with, outlines the help we can offer your students, and gives information on the employability and destinations of our students after Cambridge.

We describe how you can refer an individual student who needs our urgent help under extraordinary circumstances. We also outline how you can help us maintain our position as one of the most highly used and successful Careers Services in the UK. Finally, if you have any part-time graduate level vacancies or research opportunities within your own College or department, do let us know: we can advertise these for you.

If you are looking for careers help yourself as a user of the Service, please visit these pages.

Please provide me with any feedback, whether positive or not so positive, that you may gather from your students. Id like to hear from you and follow up on any constructive comments.

We look forward to working with you and your students over the coming months. If you are passing the Careers Service on Mill Lane with a few minutes to spare, do call in. Any of my colleagues or I would be happy to show you round, talk about our Service and the current issues our students are facing in more detail.

With kind regards,

Gordon Chesterman

Director, Careers Service

Fellow, St Edmund's College

Gordon Chesterman