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At Cambridge you can choose to study Social and/or Biological Anthropology either as a specialism or in combination with a range of other subjects including Sociology and Politics. Anthropology is concerned with "what it is to be human”, whether exploring: the varied ways people live, think and relate to each other across the globe; or the impact of human biology and evolution on culture. It is a broad discipline and this plus the skills developed though it's study equip students for a very wide range of careers. Anthropology graduates are likely to have developed people skills and gained exposure to a wide range of cultural environments, learnt to undertake qualitative and quantitative research in real-world settings and to have gained insight into the complex interrelationships between individuals, society and the environment. Consequently, careers as diverse as social researcher, civil servant, market researcher, sales, management, law, social work, advertising, public health, heritage management, museum curating, and international development both attract and are open to Anthropology graduates.

There is some excellent careers information on the Discover Anthropology website where you can explore these and other options more fully.

Prospects - what can I do with my degree? provides an introduction to how best to use the skills you have gained from your degree study, and outlines some of the career options directly associated with your subject.

Cambridge Skills Portal provides information on the skills and behaviour attributes individuals might find it useful to develop and lists training and development opportunities available across the University, together with links to useful resources outside the University.

Jobs directly related to your degree include:

Jobs where your degree would be useful include: