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Where and how to look for roles for archaeology graduates

There are only a few jobs where a first degree in archaeology is essential, often followed by postgraduate study.  The most obvious - archaeologist, conservation expert, museum curator.  Other roles across many career areas value the skills gained in an archaeology degree. 

Sometimes your archaeological knowledge may give you useful insights though its not essential e.g. heritage war crime investigation, International Aid/Development, some charities, specialist media, think tanks, NGO's and many others.

British Archaeological Jobs Resource

Prospects website may provide inspiration in the Options within your subject .

I have an Archaeology Degree and already have ideas for a career direction

Use the Careers Service resources to research your ideas further. 

I'm starting from scratch and am looking for inspiration

Vacancies & Opportunities – the majority of roles posted on Vacancies & Opportunities are open to a degree of "any discipline”. There are hundreds of non degree specific vacancies including:

  • Internship with a Music Management Organisation
  • Trainee Traders- Amplify Trading (a Futures Trading firm)
  • Associate Consultants – Bain Consultancy
  • Marketing- Breathe Buildings
  • Public Affairs – Camargue (PR Consultancy)

Use the past option within Vacancies & Opportunities. Use this for inspiration to see the kinds of roles that have come up in the past.

GradLink and Unistats show what past alumni from your course have gone on to (look under Archaeology and Anthropology as well as Human, Social and Political Science) . 

Talk to a careers adviser. You don't have to have an idea of what you want to do to use the Careers Service. You can just talk through ideas or discuss how to start thinking it through.

Getting Started will show our range of resources to help you.