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Politics and International Relations

Politics and International Relations is about the world in which we live collectively and the ways in which it became what it is today and continues to change. It considers the choices that political actors from governments to citizens to international institutions make and the structures and constraints under which they make them. Studying Politics at Cambridge you will gain an understanding of the political and international worlds as part of a single whole, through the analysis of contemporary politics and the historical development of political thinking.

Prospects - what can I do with my degree? provides an introduction to how best to use the skills you have gained from your degree study, and outlines some of the career options directly associated with your subject.

Cambridge Skills Portal provides information on the skills and behaviour attributes individuals might find it useful to develop and lists training and development opportunities available across the University, together with links to useful resources outside the University.

The interests that might lead you to want to focus your degree studies in Politics and International Relations may also lead you to be interested in career areas that traditionally attract political scientists. However, the careers that graduates who have studied Politics at Cambridge enter also include a wide variety that require the transferable skills developed through their studies, but which are not directly related to the subject matter.

Jobs directly related to your degree include:

Jobs where your degree would be useful include: