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History Tripos and your career

The history tripos at Cambridge is highly focused in its objectives. It will equip you with a broad range of historical knowledge and understanding. It will teach you to evaluate critically the significance and usefulness of primary and secondary material. It aims to instil in you the confidence to undertake self-directed learning: to define your own questions and set your own goals. And it emphasises the importance of assembling, organising and presenting your ideas clearly and coherently. Studying history will provide you with a multifaceted insight into human experience and help you to make sense of a complex, globalising world.

Any historian with a good degree from Cambridge will have acquired a range of skills attractive to employers: the ability to work independently, to evaluate the significance of evidence, to discriminate, and to present arguments clearly and persuasively. Our graduates have no difficulty in securing rewarding jobs in a wide variety of occupations in business and finance, in law and public administration, in journalism and broadcasting, in teaching at a number of levels, and in research-based careers of various kinds.

History graduates go into a very wide range of professions. The most popular of these are currently law, business and finance, national and local government, non-governmental organisations (both national and international), journalism and publishing, teaching, library and museum work, and research-based careers of all kinds.

Jobs directly related to your degree include:

Jobs where your degree would be useful include: