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Management Studies and your career

Your skills

Management Studies students have a range of skills which are of great value to many employers. Apart from the subject you studied for your Part One, which may have given you a strong scientific or analytical foundation, or perhaps language and written skills, the design of the MST course is broad in both content and delivery.

If you'd like to look at how the University aims to develop your skills throughout all the teaching it provides, the Cambridge University Skills Portal will help you out.

Studying an MPhil in Management gives you a great foundation on which to build your career in consulting, commercial/manufacturing, finance or not-for-profit.

Using the course to strengthen your CV

Employers may not always know how competitive it is to get onto the course, so feel free to put this into your CV. Highlight the core courses which interest the specific employer you're targeting. Mention the negotiating skills you'll gain, the group work you undertake and any other relevant information.

The Easter term project can be really useful for your career. You can take on one of the projects organised by the Judge Business School, or you can propose your own. Think about your career choice in advance - what really interests you? Which sector? Which aspect of management? Private or public organisations? How can you use your project to explore this better, and to make valuable contacts in that sector?

Career options and Cambridge destinations

The study of Management is an excellent basis on which to build your career in a number of areas of work, whether in the public, private or charity/third sectors. You can get an idea of the sort of careers which are especially well suited to MST on these Prospects pages. However, the vast majority of roles we advertise on Vacancies & Opportunities are not discipline-specific, so very little is ruled out.

Current Cambridge students and graduates can view the destinations of Management Studies BA graduates.

Finding out about real jobs from Cambridge alumni

If you've got particular questions about organisations or about how you can plan your options later on, you could try GradLink. This is a group of alumni who have agreed, via the Careers Service, to talk to you about what they are doing now, how their career has developed, and how studying management has helped them. The GradLink system is fully searchable and growing all the time - please consider joining it yourself once you have left.