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Careers in manufacturing engineering

Successful, wealth-creating industries are increasingly managed by engineers with an appropriately broad education and training. Manufacturing engineers naturally have particular expertise in the design and operation of manufacturing facilities, but increasingly their role is as leaders of multidisciplinary teams.

Manufacturing Engineering gives you a thorough grounding in manufacturing technology and management, together with an understanding of the full range of activities involved from market analysis through product design and production, to sales and distribution, all set firmly within a financial and business context. As well as the engineering and business sides, you also acquire a sound understanding of the human issues of industry and develop people skills. The course in Cambridge includes an international emphasis, including an overseas research project, when the whole group travels abroad to investigate an area of current relevance. Recent projects have looked at how manufacturing industry is emerging and evolving in India, and the Californian approach to industrial sustainability.

Graduates are much sought after for demanding jobs, not only in manufacturing but also in other branches of engineering, consultancy and commerce, and indeed a whole range of unrelated fields. They’re equally well placed to start their own companies, having gained a comprehensive understanding of how business works and having acquired contacts within a large number of national and international companies. According to unistats, who compare official course data for universities and colleges, 99% of all Cambridge Engineers progress to employment in professional or managerial roles six months after they complete their course.

Destinations of previous Cambridge manufacturing engineering graduates:-

  • Medical Logistics Officer, Save the Children
  • Producer, Channel 4
  • Strategy Consultant, Roland Berger Strategy Consultants
  • Technical Director, Six Works
  • Investment Manager, Virgin Management
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