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Destinations of recent Cambridge Theology and Religious Studies Graduates

"As editor and keynote contributor of the annual human rights publication, State of the World's Minorities and Indigenous People, in 2010 I was able to call international attention to the plight of religious minorities in a post 9/11 culture worldwide. I would not have been able to approach this subject without the historical and political as well as theological grounding my degree gave me; it is one which equips its holder for a massive range of fields from journalism, to government, to United Nations policy work."
Theology and Religious Studies Graduate and GradLink now working in the Media

"You can convert to psychology from any subject. My Theology degree in particular was helpful through the training it gave in thinking, questioning, reasoning, arguing etc. I think having a background in an Arts subject, such as Theology, Literature or History is often more informative of human relating than academic psychology, some branches of which are rather overly concerned with rats and statistics, for my liking. I am therefore very glad that I spent my time at Cambridge doing what really interested me (Theology). I have also been fortunate in being able to combine my interest in religion with psychology by, for instance, doing some psychological work with Catholic priests, and using mindfulness meditation-based therapeutic interventions.
Theology and Religious Studies Graduate and GradLink now working in Clinical Psychology

"Initially I thought that my Cambridge degree was not relevant to my current role. On reflection, however, I would say that my interest in religious thought and philosophy is the same root that drives me now into a helping profession. It's the interest in people, and the fascination with what they think, feel and believe and then how that drives their actions. Many people who study Theology do go onto a vocation (including non religious ones). Nursing is a vocation at heart."
Theology and Religious Studies Graduate and GradLink now training to become a Registered Nurse in Mental Health

What some other Cambridge Theology and Religious Studies graduates have gone on to in recent years:

Organisation Job Title
London Borough Of Islington
Social Worker
The Health Quality Service
Account Manager Mental Health
Client Executive
South Downs Health NHS Trust
Clinical Psychologist
UBS Warburg (Banking)
HRA Supervisor
Children's Express
Hills Road Sixth Form College, Cambridge
The Retinoblastoma Society
National Co-ordinator
St Georges Church
Pastoral Assistant
Church of England
The University of Edinburgh
Senior Lecturer
Kingsbury High School (Brent LEA)
Teacher of Religious Education
Church of England
Team Vicar
Trainee Solicitor
First Base Walsall
Trainee Youth Worker
Bede House Association
Assistant Domestic Violence Caseworker
Transport for London
Graduate Trainee
The Methodist Church
Probationer Minister
Corporate Management Graduate Trainee
House of Parliament
Entry Researcher
Market Endeavour
Business Development Manager
Eurohypo AG (Real Estate Investment Bank)
University of California
Teaching Assistant
Crown Prosecution Service
Case Progression Officer
Oak Hall Expeditions
Winter Team Assistant Co-ordinator