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Classics Tripos and your career

A recent independent study of major employers confirmed their high opinion of Classicists as potential employees: they know how to work hard, are accurate and efficient, take new tasks in their stride and can master situations intelligently. Above all they can talk articulately and argue coherently. Thinking about and understanding the skills or competencies you have developed from your Cambridge Degree is a crucial aspect to career planning. You will find useful information via the Cambridge Skills Portal.

The requirement to defend opinions and ideas in debates is a transferable skill that is valued highly by many employers. This is why careers in the civil service, law and education are consistently popular. Many of you will decide to use the skills and knowledge you have gained during your studies by working for organisations in the culture and heritage sector.

Some Classics graduates do, naturally, go on to take advantage of the specialist opportunities open to them and do research and teaching in schools and universities, or work in archives, libraries and museums. But most go into other careers in law, the media, accounting, the Civil Service, industry and business.

Jobs where your degree would be useful include:

Each year the Careers Service surveys all graduating students to find out what they are doing six months after graduation. The results of this survey, for each degree subject, can be viewed on the Unistats site.

Graduates further down their career path can be contacted informally using GradLink, giving you the opportunity to learn from individuals who have already taken the steps you might be planning.