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Computer Science Tripos and your career


Almost two thirds of Computer Science graduates go on to further study. This is a much higher than average figure and suggests how well the Computer Science course specifically and the research led ethos of Cambridge generally prepares its students for higher degrees. Almost all the remainder entered either the IT or new media sector that year in companies developing software or hardware or in supplying IT and technical consultancy or finally supporting IT management on one of the recognised graduate entry schemes.


More than almost any other course at Cambridge, many computer scientists have a strong entrepreneurial interest and over 220 companies have been founded by graduates of the course.

Cambridge computer scientists look to their own alumni for support and job opportunities through the activities of the Cambridge Computer Lab Ring. These supporters of the Computer Laboratory's activities offer internships and graduate positions throughout the academic year to students. In addition, and supported from the Hauser Forum, Cambridge Network is the umbrella organisation, of which the University is a founding member, of many hundreds of local companies involved in software and hardware development, application and product developments and service support in IT.

Jobs directly related to your degree include:

Meeting employers

The principal occasion at which Computer Scientists will meet with employers is at the Computer Laboratory's own recruitment fair organised each Michaelmas term in the William H Gates Building.

Every year we hold a similar recruitment event known as the Engineering, Science & Technology Event at which the majority of organisations attending would like to meet computer scientists.

Finally there is a broad range of employers visiting Cambridge on most evenings during Michaelmas term from software and IT companies through to major corporates, investment banks and management consultancies all looking to hire computer scientists as either specialists or generalists within their operations.

If you are a potential applicant to read Computer Science at Cambridge, then read about the careers and skills you can access while you're here.