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Geography Tripos and your career

Cambridge Geography graduates enter many different careers: industry and commerce, planning, teaching, finance, social work, environmental management and conservation, international development, the media, politics and the Civil Service… The course enables you to acquire a wide range of skills which make graduates highly employable in a variety of professions: dealing with multivariate problems, information retrieval, data management and computing.

Each year the Careers Service surveys all graduating students to find out what they are doing six months after graduation. The results of this survey, for each degree subject, can be viewed on the Unistats site.

Graduates further down their career path can be contacted informally using GradLink, giving you the opportunity to learn from individuals who have already taken the steps you might be planning.

Thinking about and understanding the skills or competencies you have developed from your Cambridge Degree is a crucial aspect to career planning. You will find useful information via the Cambridge Skills Portal. The Prospects website also offers an in depth look at careers available to geographers.

Jobs directly related to your degree:

Jobs where your degree would be useful: