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Give us your feedback

We are always looking for ways to evaluate and improve our services through the collection of feedback from our users on all aspects of our services. Your comments, suggestions, praise or complaints are important to us in terms of monitoring the effectiveness of these services.

Careers Service Website

Tell us what you have found helpful and what we could do to improve our website.

Vacation Work

Tell others about your vacation work - whether formal placements or internships, or casual jobs to pay for your holidays.

Interview and Assessment Centres

Tell others about any selection process you went through, the components of it, and how you might approach it with the benefit of the knowledge you have gained.

Graduate Jobs

Tell others about your experiences after Cambridge in employment.

Postgraduate Study

Tell others about your experiences after Cambridge in postgraduate study or research or employment.

User Surveys

From third parties approved by the Careers Service, these surveys usually offer a prize draw opportunity as a thank you.

The feedback we collect on interviews and assessment centres, graduate jobs and postgraduate study is only available in hard copy in the Careers Library although you can read some snippets online

If you have a general enquiry, please email but please note we do not accept appointment bookings or cancellations via email, please call us.