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Advice on finding work

Looking at vacancy listings is often a starting point in job search. It can help you see what's out there, but there are a few stages worth doing before you dive into the listings.

The process of career planning broadly breaks down into three steps:

  1. Reflect on yourself What are your strengths, values, and goals? What do you are care about? What environments will you thrive in?
  2. Explore the options What's out there? What do job areas and roles look like? What are the characteristics of different jobs, and their pros and cons? This is the job research part of the process (as opposed to job search).
  3. Make the match Once you've covered the first two steps, you're ready to target a few areas and start the mechanics of getting a job. You'll be using the knowledge you gained from mapping out the sector and understanding its recruitment processes.

Our 'Haven't got a clue?' pages have some great advice on this process and how to structure your job search if you're just starting.

Our own Vacancies & Opportunities database is a great starting point as vacancies are specifically targeted at Cambridge students. However, you should also look at relevant external lists.

Other aspects to be aware of